Gathering community again

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In 2017, we tried an experiment in Philipstown. We created a non-partisan space open to all, asked our neighbors to think of ways to preserve or improve our community and then held a community-wide vote to determine community priorities. We called it the Philipstown Community Congress, deliberately using the word "congress" to suggest it's true meaning - "the coming together of people" - and to highlight the political power of the people when they do come together to make their voices heard. 

One year later, on Thursday, July 19, we are hosting a community picnic where community residents who have worked on the various campaigns that we all voted on as priorities will report back to the crowd on the progress they've made and be able to ask the community to remain involved and help push the initiatives even further. 

Let's keep the momentum going. Let's continue to work on biking/walking trails in Philipstown, clean water initiatives, building a teen center, improving the educational opportunities of our children, becoming a Climate Smart community, preventing substance use and overdoses and updating our town's Comprehensive Plan. Let's keep the community strong, picnic together, network and stay connected.

Thursday, July 19th, 5:30pm

St. Mary's Parish House in Cold Spring, corner of 9D and 301/Main St.

Bring your own picnic blanket and supper! We'll provide beverages. Families welcome!