Image from Andrew Whalley, Creative Commons


Philipstown community congress: community forums on promoting and preserving a strong community
summer/fall 2017

Philipstown residents proposed 40 different ideas for promoting and preserving a strong community over the course of three public forums. Over 755 Philipstown neighbors voted on their top priorities in a community-wide vote. Interested residents and community groups gathered in a "job fair-style" forum to learn more about how to move the proposals forward and take the next steps toward civic engagement. Learn more about the Philipstown Community Congress.

Beyond bringing down monuments: a dialogue on racial inequalities in our communities
fall 2017

We brought together three Peekskill leaders to discuss what racial inequality looks like in their community. Then we discussed what we can do to address it.  View the flyer. Podcast forthcoming.

Peekskill area pastor's alliance (PAPA) retreat: what role should religious leaders play in times of social injustice?
fall 2017

Faced with historic economic inequality, growing racial and ethnic discrimination, human sickness and environmental degradation, what role should religious and spiritual leaders play in discussing these issues with their congregants? What do religious or moral teachings have to say that are relevant to prompting action on a social issue you care about? Podcast forthcoming.

Fossil Fuel Divestment/Carbon pricing
Spring 2017

We brought together student leaders from colleges and universities to hear about successful divestment strategies, build the economic case for divestment, and make connections between divestment campaigns and a growing call for institutions of higher education to support carbon pricing. See our convening agenda. 

Save Our Skins
Spring 2016

Student retreat participants developed the Save Our Skins campaign, educating fellow students on the dangers of toxic chemicals allowed in the vast majority of personal and beauty care products. Learn more about their campaign.

Half Calf Campaign
Fall 2015

Student retreat participants developed the Half Calf campaign, calling on their campuses to cut beef consumption in half and replace it with more sustainable meats to cut carbon emissions, save money, and promote a healthier student body.  Learn more about their campaign.






Problems of the scale we face will require widespread cultural change: deep shifts in our values and how we view the world, followed by individual changes in the ways we live and growing participation to push for systemic change. 

We work with the movement builders of our generation: young people bringing their idealism, intelligence, and innovation to the task of winning progress on their campuses and in their communities; and citizen-leaders bringing wisdom, experience and power to their work for community, regional and societal change.

These are the leaders that will serve as a bridge to a more sustainable future.

While we live in a time that is more virtually connected than any time before, we believe that shared experiences and face-to-face interaction remain a vital part of building movements. We bring emerging and experienced leaders from regional colleges and universities and local community groups to convenings on Longhaul Farm, creating opportunities to experience sustainable living, learn from each other, build personal relationships, strengthen change campaigns, and contribute to the movement afoot.