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Social movements are built on a foundation of education, creating opportunities for individuals to examine old belief systems, be exposed to alternative ways of thinking and living, and choose whether or not to embrace change.    

Our Ecological Citizen-Leader Retreats aim to develop an ever-growing number of connected and capable citizen-leaders, helping to catalyze the developing movement for greater sustainability.  Our retreat model (inspired by the movement building work of the Highlander Folk School) will be residential and held on Longhaul Farm in Garrison, NY, as we firmly believe that disrupting participants’ routines is intensely creative, opening an educational window where fundamental shifts in consciousness and action become possible. 

Our retreat curriculum will allow participants to experience sustainable and communal living on the farm, engage in workshops which examine current issues of sustainability and facilitate the development of plans for individual and civic action.


Emerging Leaders

The younger generation has the most to lose if we keep on our current course, so we are working with emerging leaders (entering or in post-secondary education) to develop the next generation of sustainability leaders.  

Meet our Emerging Leaders of October '15

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Active Leaders

We won't be able to win systemic change without building a collective movement for sustainability from currently fragmented causes.  Active Leader Retreats will create space for adults working for social change to reflect on our current challenges and develop a common agenda for collaborative work.

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