Roster of PCC Proposals

On July 27, Philipstown residents gathered for the first Community Congress. 

Please read Philipstown residents' ideas for moving our community forward.


Next Public Forum

Sunday, August 20, 2017

        Garrison Fish & Game Club         183 S. Highland Rd., Garrison

              * Childcare available *                   Please RSVP w/ age of child to philipstowncommunitycongress@gmail


The United States Constitution proclaims that our government is "we the people," but most citizens lack a real voice in the decisions that affect their communities and lives.

Philipstown neighbors have joined together to organize the Philipstown Community Congress (PCC), a series of public forums to help guide the future direction of the community.  The group’s focus is the development of broad citizen engagement to develop proposals to present to elected officials, community decision-makers and members of the public for action.  

Each forum is open to any Philipstown resident and provides participants an opportunity to address the question, “what do you think should be our top priorities to preserve and promote a strong community.”  The Community Congress is unaffiliated with any political party; any agenda will arise from the consensus of participants.

Share Your Idea!

Email your idea or proposal to preserve and promote a stronger Philipstown. 

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Please include a 100-word summary of your idea and let us know if you plan to present it publicly at our next forum.