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Download the 2017 PCC Community Vote Results & Report


2017 voting results:

Top priority: Biking/walking paths.

2nd priority: Clean water.

3rd priority: Teen center.

To read the complete ranking of all 40 proposals, download the report.

residents came together to present ideas

On July 27, August 20 and September 24, Philipstown residents gathered for the Philipstown Community Congress. 

Please read Philipstown residents' ideas for moving our community forward.


Residents voted

Over 750 ballots were cast.

On 60% of the ballots, Philipstown residents indicated they'd like to learn more about how to become involved.


Now residents will act

Philipstown neighbors convened at a "job fair-style" public forum on Sunday, December 3rd at the Haldane School Cafeteria to meet others who would like to work on the initiatives they voted for and brainstorm next steps for civic engagement. 

The United States Constitution proclaims that our government is "we the people," but most citizens lack a real voice in the decisions that affect their communities and lives.

Philipstown neighbors have joined together to organize the Philipstown Community Congress (PCC), a series of public forums to help guide the future direction of the community.  The group’s focus is the development of broad citizen engagement to develop proposals to present to elected officials, community decision-makers and members of the public for action.  

Each forum is open to any Philipstown resident and provides participants an opportunity to address the question, “what do you think should be our top priorities to preserve and promote a strong community.”  The Community Congress is unaffiliated with any political party or local government; any agenda will arise from the consensus of participants.

To learn more please email the PCC at: philipstowncommunitycongress@gmail.com

Here's how the forums work:

- Philipstown residents submit their name, village/town of residence, and a 100-word summary of their actionable priority in order to speak at the forum in front of the community audience. 

- At the forum, speakers have 3 minutes (strictly enforced!) to make their case for their actionable priority. 

- Can't make the forums? Submit the same personal information and summary of your priority via email and your voice will still be heard.

Here's how the voting works:

All residents of Philipstown age 13 and older are eligible to cast their vote for the top 3 proposals that were presented at the 2017 forums that they'd like to see the community support and work toward.

People vote in the following ways (one vote per person):

By postal mail: All Philipstown households are mailed a ballot card. Residents can complete the ballot and mail back to the PO Box indicated.

Online: Philipstown residents vote online HERE.

By ballot box: The Desmond Fish and Butterfield Libraries have ballot boxes on site to drop off ballots.

What happens after the vote:

- The PCC volunteers compile and publicize the results.

- The PCC volunteers present the shared priorities to community leaders.

- For those initiatives that generated the greatest community support, PCC volunteers work with community volunteers to promote continued civic engagement.

- The PCC organizes a public forum where all Philipstown residents are invited to network with others who would like to help make the proposals a reality.

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