Image by Olga Burger

Right now, ordinary people are pioneering more healthy, equitable and sustainable futures by changing the ways they live or how they work with others to change their communities. 

Social movements need stories of positive change that help inspire people, give them some foot-steps to follow, and help activate them to make changes in their own lives.  Next Stop Now is a place to find these stories of change to help catalyze movement.

             News & Notes                                                             Podcast

Episode 1: Longhaul Farm.  The first episode follows the story of Ecological Citizen's Project founders, Jason Angell and Jocelyn Apicello, as they abandoned office life in NYC and honey-moved to Patagonian Argentina where they re-imagined life and came back home to start Longhaul Farm in the Hudson Valley. Listen in.

Episode 2: New York Heartwoods. In Episode 2, Megan Offner shares how her passion for sustainability led her to leave New York City to found New York Heartwoods, a regenerative wood and lumber company in the Hudson Valley. Listen in.

Episode 3: Peekskill Community Health Center. In Episode 3, Rev. Jeanette J. Phillips and Alan Steiner tell the story of how they brought the community health center model to Peekskill, NY. Listen in.

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