Right now, ordinary people are pioneering more just, healthy, democratic and sustainable futures by changing the ways they live or how they work with others to change their communities. 

Social movements need stories of positive change that help inspire people, give them some footsteps to follow, and help activate them to make changes in their own lives.  Next Stop Now is a place to find these stories of change to help catalyze movement, where you'll hear from people who took a risk to change their lives to change the world.

Next Stop Now Podcast: Experiments in re-purposing life

Episode 1: Longhaul Farm.  The first episode follows the story of Ecological Citizen's Project founders, Jason Angell and Jocelyn Apicello, as they abandoned office life in NYC and honey-moved to Patagonian Argentina where they re-imagined life and came back home to start Longhaul Farm in the Hudson Valley. Listen in.

Episode 2: New York Heartwoods. Megan Offner has always loved trees. After working in a wasteful industry of set design, she decided to re-purpose her design passion. Megan started New York Heartwoods, based in Kingston, NY, to salvage local wood and trees, restore forest health and create beautiful design with purpose. Listen in.

Episode 3: Peekskill Community Health Center. In this episode, ECP founder Jason Angell talks with Rev. Jeannette J. Phillips and Hon. Alan Steiner about how they started the Peekskill Community Health Center in the 1970s in Peekskill, New York to fill a big need for local, affordable health care that still exists to this day. Listen in.

Episode 4: Tiny House. In this episode, Rick McNerny and Leah Melcarek share why they decided to leave their Brooklyn apartment for a tiny house on wheels. Listen in.

Episode 5: Truth Alone Clothing. Truth Alone founders, Donald Taffurelli and Christopher Jara, have been in the fashion business for years. In this episode, hear about how they started their own line in order to trumpet the truth and build a more equitable, sustainable brand. Listen in.

Episode 6: Transformation. Hear from Michael Edwards, former Ford Foundation Director, about his journey to starting the online publication Transformation and his efforts to fuse personal and political transformation in pursuit of a more beautiful, just world. Listen in.

Episode 7: Rich on Empathy. Hear from Rich Gamarra, who talks about empathy and how his work with the NYC DOH’s co-response program is trying to build bridges between our health and criminal justice systems. Listin in.

Episode 8: Earth Designs Worker-Owned Cooperative. Aja Hudson discusses turning her landscaping business Earth Designs into a worker-owned cooperative and the power of sharing work more equitably as an unexpected path towards healing. Listen in.

Episode 9: Women Together. In this episode, hear about how Anu Anandaraja took that leap to change her life and is now leading a global public health organization - Women Together - that brings women from different cultures together and empowers them to connect with each other, share skills and knowledge, and form networks so that they can build solidarity. Listen in.